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Early resolution courts (EDC/RCC) attorneys in Peoria, Arizona

Early resolution courts

Early resolution courts in Maricopa County are high volume criminal court calendars dedicated to resolving lower level (generally class 4, 5, and 6) felony offenses. The early resolution courts currently consist of the Early Disposition Court (EDC) and the Regional Court Center (RCC) criminal court calendar. The purpose of the early resolution court calendar is to quickly resolve lower-level felony offenses, generally through plea bargains offered by the prosecutor. The early resolution court calendars have restrictions on litigation, defendants are entitled to limited discovery, and plea negotiations are expedited in these courts. Despite these restrictions, extremely favorable plea negotiations can occur at this level with correct representation. If your case is assigned to, but not resolved in the early resolution courts, the trial courts will inherit the case and proceed with traditional criminal litigation.

Chris has practiced extensively in the early resolution courts. He knows how to strategically and successfully resolve cases for clients. If you have a case pending in early resolution courts, contact Chris to determine if his services would help create a favorable outcome for your case.

Is your case in the early resolution courts?

Early Disposition Court (EDC)

The EDC calendar was created in 1997 to facilitate the quick resolution of victimless crimes. The charges assigned to EDC are nearly exclusively for drug possession. Depending on a client’s criminal history, there are many resolutions available for drug possession charges. The client can complete drug diversion, which can lead to an outright dismissal of their case, with prejudice. Probation and even prison can be a consequence of drug charges in Maricopa County.

Since drug possession cases make up the bulk of the EDC calendar, working knowledge of Proposition 200 and accompanying drug statutes and case law is essential. Proposition 200 is a voter enacted referendum that became Arizona law in 2004 and it is a landmark law regarding drug possession. It essentially requires that first or second-time drug offenders be offered probation as a mandatory sentence in a simple drug possession case. There are many nuances in the law, but it codified the opinion of Arizona voters that drug users receive a chance a rehabilitation through probation rather than incarceration.

Chris has worked on thousands of cases in the early resolution courts. He is well versed in Proposition 200 and drug defense work. If you have a case assigned to EDC, contact Chris to discuss your best options for resolving or fighting your case.

Regional Court Center (RCC)

The RCC calendar was established to quickly process lower-level felony complaints. The purpose of this calendar is to encourage early plea negotiations between the prosecutor and defense lawyers. The calendars reduce the overall length of time it takes to resolve a felony case. Class 4, 5, and 6 felonies are generally assigned to the early resolution courts initially. In recent months, there have been a number of more serious felonies (including class 2 charges) that have been assigned to early resolution courts.

Many times, excellent plea deals are offered in the early resolution courts in felony cases. In fact, it is the current policy of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (the prosecutor’s office) that the best plea deal will be offered first, in early resolution courts. If you do not accept a plea in the early resolution courts, the prosecutors have a vindictive policy that subsequent plea offers, if extended at all, will be substantially harsher. Many times, the prosecutors stick to their policy. Sometimes, plea negotiations continue and cases can still be successfully resolved. When the parties are too far apart on plea negotiations, there is a disagreement about the strength or merits of evidence, or a client is innocent, trial by jury is necessary.

After relocating from Wisconsin in 2017, Chris’ first appearances in Maricopa County were in the early resolution courts. He knows how to handle the early resolution court calendars and has a proven track record of very favorable plea negotiations cases at this stage. However, when it is necessary to fight your case, he has the experience: Chris has been lead counsel in 19 jury trials. Contact Simonds Law Group, PLLC if you need assistance with your early resolution court matter.

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