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If you’re considering getting divorced in a day: Congratulations on making the sensible decision for your family, your finances, and your sanity! And welcome to the future of divorce.

Has your relationship drifted apart and are you ready to move on? But you are agreeable enough to fairly divide property and make a schedule to co-parent? Attorneys Kate and Chris Simonds have designed a boutique service to accommodate the increasing demand for couples who are agreeable and want to be divorced quickly.

With years of litigation successes as a foundation, Kate and Chris are seeking to provide an alternative to a traditional divorce. Times are changing and the way we approach divorce should too.

Traditional divorce demands thousands of dollars in prepaid attorney retainers. Divorces that cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are increasingly common. Families are torn in the bitterness of divorce – litigation is perpetual, disclosures and discovery are constant, fights over temporary orders persist, continued demands for attorney’s fees, and trials are scheduled months in advance. There also is uncertainty in litigation. In divorce court today, clients today are not seeing results.

Divorce Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

We have a solution to the traditional approach to divorce: Get divorced in a day for a flat fee of $5,000.

Our flat-fee divorce includes the services of two attorneys and their staff for an entire day. You will meet with the attorneys to discuss all necessary issues that need to be resolved: division of assets and debts, parenting time, child support, holiday schedules, decisions about child custody (known as legal decision making in Arizona), and awards of property including the marital home, among others. All documents are then prepared for the client’s review. Following a review of the paperwork, the documents are signed, notarized, and filed with the court the same day. After the statutory waiting period of 60 days and approval from the Court, each party will receive their final divorce documents as soon as they are formally approved and docketed.

Your divorce will be complete without ever visiting the courthouse.

You can be divorced without separate lawyers, discovery demands, motions, court appearances, and the exhaustive fees associated with traditional divorce.

By having extensive litigation experience, Kate and Chris can walk parties through the process of equitable division of assets and parenting time. Following an attorney consult, the parties are provided with worksheets to divide property and parenting time accurately and equitably. The worksheets will be delivered to the firm before your day in the office so that the attorneys and staff can prepare your divorce paperwork in advance. You will then have the option to appear in our office or electronically for explanation, completion, review, and filing of your divorce documents. 60 days later, your divorce paperwork will be delivered to you and the process is complete.

You owe it to your family. You owe it to your finances. You owe it to yourself. Make the smart choice. Get divorced in a day.

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